Purchasing A Spa: Budgeting & Requirements

There is nothing like jumping into a spa to relax, unwind and loosen the muscles. If you have a few niggling questions before taking the plunge to install a spa in your home, read on! 

What Types of Spas are Available?

There’s lots of different types of spas on the market; portable spas, in ground spas and swim spas being the 3 main categories.

Swim spas are designed to be multi use products, allowing you to swim in the open area or relax in the hydrotherapy seats. This kind of spa is perfect for those who want all the benefits of a pool and spa combo in one unit.

In ground spas are a spa shell that is built into the ground with the equipment installed separate to the spa. This is to ensure the equipment is accessible for servicing. This type of spa is perfect for relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Portable spas are perfect for those who don’t want the commitment of an in ground spa or have restrictions on their property such as being renters or easements. These spas have all the hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits of an in ground spa but without the commitment. Want to see more benefits of portable spas? See here.

What Size Spa Do I Need & How Much Room Will It Take Up?

The size of spa that you choose will depend on how many people you expect to use the spa regularly.  Spas come in three seat configurations (like our Santa Cruz) through to nine seat configurations (like our Bimini or Isla Margarita) or even larger. Things like loungers and steps into the spa can adjust the seating capacity so these need to be taken into consideration. You must also take into account the area in which the spa will sit and factor in elements such as easy access to all four sides of the spa for servicing and enough room for external steps and pool compliant fencing.

Will My Spa Need Filters?

Just like a pool, your spa should be fitted with a filter. The filter removes larger particles from the spa water, keeping it clean. To keep the water in good condition, you should run the filter for a few hours every day. Based on average usage, the filters will need replacing approximately every 12 months and will require regular cleaning in between replacements. We have an onsite pool shop and an online store where you can purchase new filters as well as pool and spa accessories, chemicals and spare parts.

How Do I Sanitise The Spa Water?

Endless offers a number of different sanitisation systems including Salt, Chlorine, Bromine and Chlorine Free options. Each of these has their own benefits and drawbacks. For more information on salt water systems see here.

What Should I Budget For When Buying a Spa?

When you are buying a spa, you will of course need to budget for the cost of the spa itself, which can be around $6000 right up to $20000 or more.  As well, you’ll need to budget for the cost of installation, for any additional extras such as steps, cover lifters and booster seats, and for the cost of the chemicals required to keep the spa water clean. 

What Is Needed Before I Install My Spa?

For a portable spa, you will need a 150 mm thick concrete slab for the spa to sit on and 32 amp hardwired connection with an isolation switch (done by a licensed electrician) as well as a permit and pool compliant fencing. You will also need to consider how the spa will be delivered to your property and placed on the slab.

For an in ground spa you will need to consider things like permits, excavation, electrical connections, delivery and potentially things like gas plumbing as well as engaging a building surveyor and a draftsman.

For more detailed information you can contact our sales consultants on (03) 8769 7300 or visit our showroom at 15 Chapel Street Lynbrook, open 7 days a week.