Benefits of Portable Spas

Want a spa but don’t want the commitment of an in ground spa? A portable spa might be the perfect option for you! Here’s what you need to know…

What is a portable spa?

A portable spa, also known as above ground or freestanding,  is a fully above ground unit and all the necessary equipment such as pumps, heaters, and control panels are contained within the cabinet. The spa must sit on a strong surface such as a concrete slab that will adequately support the weight of the spa when filled with water. The spa then must be hardwired in by a qualified electrician.

Ok so now I know what a portable spa is, why should I choose a portable spa instead of an in ground spa?

They can be moved

Portable Spas are exactly that, portable! Perfect for those who don’t want the commitment of an in ground model. You may be renting or want to move in the future and take the spa with you. You might even have easements or permit issues and not be able to build and portable spas can be moved when needed. Additionally, you can make the most of your landscaping and can easily move the spa if you want to change the layout of your garden.

They’re easier to install

Portable spas are also easier to install, requiring only a concrete slab and hard wired electrical connection. In ground spas require excavation, plumbing, electrical connections as well as more landscaping such as paving or decking. Generally, all this increases the installation costs significantly.

They’re easy to maintain

The benefit of having all the pumps and machinery inside the cabinet means that there’s easy access for service technicians if something goes wrong. Simply pop off the panel and allow your technician to fix the issue. In ground spas may require digging a hole or removing paving just to look at an issue! Additionally, it’s very easy to perform routine maintenance such as dumping the water (thanks to an easy spa drain tap connection!), cleaning the acrylic surface, jets, filters and so on.

They have all the hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits of an in ground spa

Spas are well known for the health and relaxation benefits that they can provide, so installing a portable spa in your home means that you can have all of these benefits without the commitment of an in ground spa. After using your portable spa you may find that you are more relaxed, fall asleep easier, have improved circulation and muscular and joint pain is lessened.


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