How Much Does an Outdoor Spa Cost?

Your in the market for a spa and you want to know how much a spa cost – more importantly you are trying to understand why spa prices can vary so much.

By understanding this key component of your purchasing decision is going to help you choose the perfect spa for you!

In summary spas here in Australia are going to be priced anywhere between $4,000 and $25,000! Yes it’s a pretty big difference don’t you think?

Our customers spend on average anywhere between $8,000 and $18,000 for an Endless Outdoor Spa.

So… why is it they invest this amount with us and not go online and purchase a $4,000 spa?

Spas you see online may not be the same as the spas you see in-store. Spas online are typically priced between $4,000 and $8,000. These spas are usually lower end, lower quality spa manufactures.

A challenge for you..

Go online and find a bit more information about online manufactures

–          Find out where they are based

–          Find out where their manufacturing factory is

–          Find out their contact details

If you can’t find these details, ask yourself what will you do if there is a problem in the future or if you need parts and you need to contact them?

Spas that you see in a well establish showroom are high end, premium, quality spas by recognised manufacturers. These manufacturers build spas in countries such as North American, Europe or even locally here in Australia.

Yes they tend to be more expensive, however for your piece of mind most of these spas are good quality, energy efficient and safe. You should expect these spas to last a long time and more importantly not cost you a huge amount in running costs and parts over its lifetime.

The spas you see in the store are not the same as the spas you may see online. They might look similar, but they are not the same.

Why are some spas more expensive than others?

“A bargain is only bargain when you get what you ‘need’ and ‘want’ at the price you pay”.


Quality is going to be the number one thing that determines the price of your spa.

The workmanship, materials, strength of the shell, equipment used, efficiency of the filtration to name a few will all contribute to the quality of a spa.

A more expensive hot tub will last longer. And more importantly, will cost you less over the lifetime.


The cost of owning a spa involves filtration, heating and consumables.

Cheaper spas typically cost more to run as the pumps consume more energy and the do not retain heat effectively.


A spa you purchase must meet Australia Standards. As spas include electrical components closed to the water it is very important the spa is made safe and made well following extensive safety guidelines.


Aftersales is important. It might not seem like it at the time of purchase, but if you need it you will wish you had it.

A quality retailer will aid and provide user guides for all things relating to your spa. A retailer that offers complimentary start up classes is a good indication of their dedication to ensuring their clients feel confident and can enjoy their spa at ease.

Retailers that have dedicated customer service teams for warranty and non-warranty along with spa parts is a great indication of professionalism.

A final message:

Don’t sacrifice quality and safety to save some money. A cheap outdoor spa will be cheaper at the start, but will most likely cost you a lot more money over the life of the spa.