No space for a pool? Consider an Endless Swim Spa

Are you wanting a fun, welcoming and family-friendly place to relax in all year round; but you don’t have a large enough backyard area for a swimming pool?

Look no further than an Endless Swim Spa!

Below are 5 reasons that you should consider filling that empty grass area in your backyard with endless enjoyment, every single day.

  1. Swim spas are typically only 4.5m x 2.0m in size, which makes them ideal for small backyards
  2. Also known as a plunge pool, swim spas can be set to a cool pool temperature during the day, and can also be heated up to 40 degrees at night
  3. Hydrotherapy jets are available, and can be used for relaxing massages 
  4. High pressure swimming on the spot jets are also available for resistance training and improving your fitness level
  5. A great space for family and friends to join in the fun, and increase the quality time spent and conversing with loved ones.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Endless Swim Spa was the World’s first and was created by our very own Director, Warren Anderson, in 1984. The Endless Swim Spa is Australian-made and was also voted the Best Swim Spa at the 2020 SPASA National Awards!

Endless Pools & Spas offers a range of high quality Swim Spas. If you wish to learn more about our Swim Spas, please call us on (03) 8769 7300.