Why Is a Spa Cover Important

Utilising a spa cover can reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your spa and provide extra safety and security.

Prevent water loss

The greatest benefit of a cover is the protection that it offers your outdoor spa from water loss and maintenance of water temperature. By placing the cover over your spa when not in use, you will prevent water loss due to heat from the sun causing evaporation.

Eliminate debris

Further protection from any dirt, leaves and debris being carried into the spa pool by wind and surrounding trees is also provided by using your spa cover.

Maintain water temperature

The spa cover can also help to maintain the water temperature of your spa by preventing heat loss to the outside environment, saving you energy use too.


Safety around water is essential at all times and a spa cover can provide peace of mind when you’re not using your spa. Not only will a properly secured spa cover provide extra protection from children accessing the spa when you’re not present, it can also stop them and pets from accidently falling in. Just like spas, spa covers come in a variety of shapes and styles so you can consider both the appearance as well as the fit of the cover.

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