Swim and Spa at Home All Year Round | Melbourne

Swim and Spa at Home All Year Round
Whether it’s for resistance swimming or leisure soaking, swim spas are designed for people who don’t want to have to choose between either pool or spa. In fact, it was the team at Endless® Spas who actually invented the world’s first swim spa! 

Swim and Spa
Want to get some resistance swimming training to build up your strength? Prefer to just relax by the poolside? Either way, our swim spas have you covered for fitness, relaxation and everything in between. Originally pioneered by Endless® Spas, we are the reason there are swim spas around the world to this day.

A swim spa offers the perfect alternative to the traditional swimming pool. As a swimming pool that comes with an extra edge for resistance training, swim spas feature hydrotherapy jets for you to swim or train in. Of course, the jets are perfect for a spa massage as well! Swim spas can switch between colder pool temperatures and warmer spa temperatures, up to 40 degrees, so you can use it to relax however you like. 

Perfect for Small Homes
Though swim spas measure about 4.5 x 2.0 m in size, their current means that you can use them to swim continuously. Having said that, their small size means they fit neatly into small backyards. No matter the size of your property, with a swim spa, it’s like having a traditional swimming pool.

Made in Australia
Endless® Spas have low maintenance needs, so it’s easy to keep your swim spa in sparkling condition, for use all year round. Made in Australia, our swim spas are designed to stay clean with only a minimal level of maintenance work, and are durable enough to be a feature of your backyard for a number of years. They are also very energy-efficient to run, so there is no cause for concern about running up the electricity bills.

Enjoy All Year Round
Swim spas have you covered, from a massage under warm hydrotherapy jets to resistance swimming training under pool conditions. With the versatility of swim spas, it’s easy to bring the cool to summer or make your winter home feel like the tropics. Call Endless® Spas on (03) 8769 7300 about our swim spas.