Water Safety First

Water safety awareness and knowledge is vital for all ages around spas & pools, and is essential for both enjoyment and relaxation all year round, especially in Summer.

At Endless®, as family & water safety are our priorities, we would love to share our tips for creating a safe water environment to help and guide your friends and family to enjoy, relax and continue to make more memories around a pool or spa.

Below are our top 7 water safety tips:

  • Children are only allowed in a pool or spa if an adult (over the age of 18) is supervising them
  • Adding a handrail on entry/exit of your pool or spa
  • Ensure the temperature is at an appropriate and safe temperature for all ages
  • Don’t go in a spa if you are tired
  • Have floatation devices i.e. floaties or jackets on standby
  • Maintain the water chemistry to keep the area clean
  • Lastly, create a playlist with your favourite tunes to have playing while enjoying your loved ones company in your backyard spa or swimming pool!

Extra tip!

A good idea may be to hang these up on your fridge or bathroom door.

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