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Edgecap Technology – I want that look

Smooth Edge Grande
Shell Installed with Edgecap Technology
Portable Spa Installed in to a Concrete Pit.
Portable Installed in to a Concrete Pit
Portable Installed Above Ground







Which ‘Look’ do you prefer?

There are two types of Spas…each one starts with a jetted plumbed ‘Shell’…

  1. A true ‘in ground’ spa or plunge pool has the ‘Shell’ inserted into the ground (excavation) similar to a swimming pool installation with equipment connected remotely.
  2. A portable spa or plunge pool has the ‘Shell’ and equipment enclosed within a cabinet. It can be placed on to an solid base, either above ground or in an excavated concrete pit.


About EdgeCap®Technology
EdgeCap® is defined as the edging that is placed around the top edge of  the exclusive Endless® Smooth Edge Range of Spas and Plunge Pools/ Swim Spas. While it is practical finish, it is also incredibly attractive and an essential part of the aesthetics of the pool or spa area. The pool coping can be a standalone feature, or can be the part that ties the pool/spa with landscaping of decking or paving. See more examples below of Edgecap® Installations

Inground Spas


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