The Dual Zone is a Plunge Pool & Spa Combo made for Endless®

What is a Dual Zone Spa?

A Dual Zone  Spa (often called a dual temp spa) combines two separate units; a compact pool or swim spa pool with your choice of a smaller hydrotherapy spa.

Choose the spa size and features that best fit your family’s needs while enjoying a separate pool with the temperature maintained independently of the spa.

Spa Options

View specifications for spas below:


Please Note:
Some pools depicted in photos on this website have options fitted and are not standard specifications. Additional costs apply to any optional upgrades.


1. The portable range and the semi inground range seamlessly integrate into one amazing unit.

2. The inground range shares a filtration system and heater (usually gas) and can be landscaped to achieve an amazing look using EdgeCap Technology.

EdgeCap® is defined as the edging that is placed around the top edge of  the exclusive Endless® Smooth Edge Range of Spas and Plunge Pools / Swim Spas. While it is practical finish, it is also incredibly attractive and an essential part of the aesthetics of the pool or spa area. The pool coping can be a standalone feature, or can be the part that ties the pool/spa with landscaping of decking or paving.


It’s overall finished look can be enhanced by covering the shells with tiles and/or decking. The optional addition of a swimming system will transform this Plunge Pool into a compact swimming pool.
Plunge Pool Specs:
ryansendless_32px_01 Seats: 3+
ryansendless_32px_02 L: 4700 – W: 2450 – H: 1500 (external)

L: 4300 – W: 2050 – D: 1500 (internal)

ryansendless_32px_03 Jets: 0
ryansendless_32px_04 Pump: 1

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Standard Inclusions

Smooth Edge Grande and Universe Equipment Package:

  • Whisper Quiet Filtration Pump
  • Cartridge Filter System
  • Hard Cover

Eagle Equipment Package:

  • Whisper Quite Filtration pump
  • Cartridge Filter System
  • LED Light

Optional Upgrades:

  • Freestanding fibreglass reinforcing ribs
  • Control system with remote
  • Gas heating
  • Solar heating
  • Heat pump heater
  • Badu swim jets and pumps
  • Spa jets on seats
  • Waterfall
  • Floating cover -solar bubble blanket (Eagle only)
  • Roller for floating cover
  • Hardcover

Shell Colours