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Luxury Spa Baths in Melbourne

The ultimate in interior luxury, a spa bath from Endless Spas is a great way to survive the frigid Melbourne winters or unwind after a long day. Our Australian-made spa baths are indulgent, functional, and attractive – the trifecta! We have a wide range of options available to suit any bathroom, family size, and décor.

A common misconception is that spa baths have to be corner-tubs, or that they take up too much space. At Endless Spas we would disagree, as we offer a spa bath that takes up the same space as your current bath! Our Agate baths are the perfect solution for the whole family. With anti-slip base, contoured arms, and simple design, Agate baths are ideal for families who want a spa bath but don’t want to lose the space in their current bathroom.

For households with more space, we bring you a huge variety of spa baths – oval, rectangle, round, and corner tubs, available in styles to complement any style. Named after precious and semi-precious gems, a spa bath is a wonderful addition to a designer bathroom.

All of our spa baths can be customized to incorporate your preferences for hydrotherapy, number of jets, led lighting, and more! Contact Endless Spas to discuss bringing your dream bathroom to life.

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