Ice Baths

Portable and In-Ground Ice Baths Across Melbourne

Endless Spas® in Melbourne offer a unique collection of inground and freestanding ice baths. Our ice baths come in a variety of sizes, styles, and can be either built-in or portable.

We have a range of Cryotherapy spas, built exclusively for Endless®. Starting from a one-person option with carry case, perfect for the athlete on the road, we have ice baths for every occasion. You can chuck out the wheely bin and use our one-person ice bath with built-in steps, or some of our built-in options can hold up to 18 people! That’s a whole footy team!!

Speaking of footy teams, all of our ice baths can be customized to meet your team’s specifications, and the shells can be tailored to match your team’s colours.

If you’ve never used an ice bath before, or are unsure about the guidelines for use, we recommend seeking medical advice. Ice baths, like all pools and spas, should be used responsibly to prevent injury.
Contact our team to discuss optional upgrades or to find out more.

Our Range Ice Baths