Portable Spas

Portable Spas Delivered and Installed Across Melbourne

What could be better at the end of a long day than slipping into your very own portable spa, brought to you by Endless Pools and Spas in Melbourne? No longer only an option for the super-rich, or even just for homeowners, our portable spas can be used on a patio, deck or even indoors! Each spa can be fitted with all the optional extras, including hydrotherapy massage jets to massage your aching muscles, neck jets for targeted neck massage, massage nodes, and single or dual footblasters that are superior to the best foot massage you’ve ever had.

Our portable spas come in many sizes; if you prefer an intimate spa, our 3-4 seaters are ideal, or if yours will be a party spa, our 7+ seaters are for you.

For added ambience, you can add LED lighting and even a waterfall to your very own spa. Waterfalls come with colour therapy as well as the soothing sounds of falling water to make you feel like you’re lazing in a tropical waterfall at sunset. Named after the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world, allow the stress of everyday life to fizzle out in the exquisite indulgence of our portable spas. Contact us today to bring paradise to your Melbourne home.

Our Range Portable Spas