Swim Spas - Inground

In-Ground and Freestanding Swim Spas in Melbourne

Ideal for those who can’t decide if they would rather have a swimming pool or a spa, and don’t have space in their backyard for a lap pool, the Swimming Spas by Endless Spas offer the best of both worlds. Family-owned and operated, we are proud to offer the best swim spas across Melbourne.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, miss going to the local pool for a swim, or prefer to relax in the water, these spas are a perfect choice. The swim jets will help you to practice form and stroke while creating undulating waves for when you’d rather chill on the specially designed spa seats. Like many of the other pools and spas offered by Endless, optional extras with our swim spas include hydrotherapy, LED lighting, and a variety of heating options. For those athletes truly dedicated to swimming, there’s also the Super Swim Pro upgrade, which is a harness giving you a natural and continuous swim session in your spa.

Our family business has been going for almost three decades, and we have been awarded dozens of accolades for our products, services and innovation. Contact us today to discuss bringing the swimming pool home.

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