Endless® Jaguar Hot Recovery

Our Range Ice Baths Endless® Jaguar Hot Recovery

The Endless® Jaguar Hot Recovery compliments our Cryotherapy Range made for Endless®

Heat, as well as cold, can be used to aid the recovery process. Heat alone can be used or a combination of heat and cold.

Always use the hot recovery bath in a responsible manner and follow accepted guidelines for length of use. If unsure seek medical advice.

For more information, please contact Joel directly at joel@endless.com.au

ryansendless_32px_01 Seats: 5   Standing: 7

Total: 12


L: 4700 – W: 2450 – H: 1500 (external)

L: 4300 – W: 2050 – D: 1500 (internal)

ryansendless_32px_03 Jets: Optional up to 16 spa jets &/ 2 x swim jets
ryansendless_32px_04 Pump: 2+

Water Capacity: 9,340 Lt


Please Note:
Some pools depicted in photos on this website have options fitted and are not standard specifications. Additional costs apply to any optional upgrades.





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Standard Inclusions

Equipment Package:

  • Whisper Quite Filtration pump
  • Cartridge Filter System
  • LED Light

Optional Upgrades:

  • Freestanding fibreglass reinforcing ribs
  • Control system with remote
  • Gas heating
  • Solar heating
  • Heat pump heater
  • Badu swim jets and pumps
  • Spa jets on seats
  • Waterfall
  • Floating cover -solar bubble blanket
  • Roller for floating cover
  • Hardcover


Standard Colour Options


Custom Colour Options