The Necksage Oval belongs to the Gemstone Range made for Endless®

The Endless® Oval Necksage™ is the first and only oval spa bath to effectively massage the higher cervical vertebrae of the spine and neck – offering a truly therapeutic spa indulgence from head to toe.

Each Necksage™ spa bath works via revolutionary above-water neck and shoulder jets that offer a complete neck and shoulder massage. Combined with hydrotherapy massage back jets, the Necksage™ can also offer a therapeutic full upper-body massage. The jet strengths can be adjusted for soft or more intense massaging – from neck to toe – depending on whether you are using the spa for pampering or therapeutic massage.

All designed to help you make time for relaxation in what is often a very busy world. Deep seating ensures your body is fully submerged, while moulded head rests incorporate the higher neck massage.


ryansendless_32px_01 Seats: 2
ryansendless_32px_02 L: 1985- W: 1135- D: 510
ryansendless_32px_03 Jets: 16+
ryansendless_32px_04 Pump: 2 x 1hp

Water Capacity: 200Lt


Model shown may have optional upgrades Fitted. Endless® reserves all rights to alter design, materials, and specifications without notice. All dimensions and operating capacity given are approximate only and should be checked prior to installation.

Necksage Oval

Necksage Oval

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