The Piper Glen belongs to the ‘Artesian Elite Range’ of spas made by Artesian®.

Goodbye Aches and Pains

Hydrotherapy has been shown to reduce aches and pains with a  combination of powerful massage therapy and heat. Loaded with 65 high-volume, sophisticated spa massage jets and four full therapy seats, the Piper Glen certainly offers the ultimate spa experience. With five individual controls for massage seats, everyone can relax with just the right amount of pressure without diverting water from other seats.

ryansendless_32px_01 Seats: 7
ryansendless_32px_02 L: 2310 – W: 2310 – D: 960
ryansendless_32px_03 Jets: 65
3kw heater
ryansendless_32px_04 Pumps: 7

Water Capacity: 1571Lt


Dry: 441kg / Filled: 2,012kg


Endless® Spas reserves all rights to alter design, materials and specifications without notice. All dimensions and operating capacity given are approximate only and should be checked prior to installation and delivery.



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