The Smooth Edge Grande belongs to the In-Ground Range made in AUSTRALIA exclusively for Endless®

The spa is installed in the ground with equipment remotely installed away from the spa for easy service access and protection

The seven seater Smooth Edge Grande spa design features our unique smooth edging, EdgeCap™Technology that gives you endless opportunities to achieve a better visual look that you may have been  yearning for  … timber decking or paver surrounds instead of the shell edge showing

A large spacious foot well ensures there’s plenty of room to relax – with friends or family or by stretching out to savour time



ryansendless_32px_01 Seats: 7

External with Steel Frame

L: 2300 – W: 2300 – D: 910 approx

Internal with Steel Frame

L: 2100 – W: 2100 – D: 910 approx

External Inground Shell

L: 2300 – W: 2300 – D: 830 approx

Internal Inground Shell

L: 2100 – W: 2100 – D: 830 approx

ryansendless_32px_03 Jets: 24
ryansendless_32px_04 Pumps: 1 – 3

Water Capacity: 1600Lt


Dry: 250kg / Filled: 1940kg


Grande Smooth Edge

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Standard Inclusions

  • Plumbed Shell
  • Filtration Pump
  • Jet Pump
  • LED Light
  • Hard Cover
Equipment options available at additional cost.
Model shown may have optional upgrades fitted. Endless® reserves all rights to alter design, materials, and specifications without notice. All dimensions and operating capacity given are approximate only and should be checked prior to installation.

Shell Colours