Endless® Underwater Treadmill

Our Range Ice Baths Endless® Underwater Treadmill

The Endless® Underwater Treadmill belongs to the Cryotherapy Range made for Endless®

The Endless® Underwater Treadmill is recommended for use by individuals of all fitness levels. It is the most versatile and light weight pool treadmill and can be used in any in-ground or above-ground pool.

Made from the highest quality materials, it is robust, motorless and maintenance free.
It is uniquely designed for use in a swimming pool and will not rust or deteriorate from heavy use outdoors while submerged in pool water.

This treadmill is suitable for salt water swimming pools and must be used in water. Not suitable for use out of water.

The Endless® Underwater Treadmill retails for $2995.00. There is a 8-10 week manufacture delay from date of purchase.

For more information, please contact Joel directly at joel@endless.com.au

ryansendless_32px_02 L: 1002- W: 660- D: 1210



Please Note:
Some pools depicted in photos on this website have options fitted and are not standard specifications. Additional costs apply to any optional upgrades.

Standard Inclusions

Weight: 21 kg

Belt: 79 x 46 cm

Height with handrail: 122 cm 

Assembly required: Handrail installed or removed without tools in 10 seconds; no other assembly is required.