Permits & Owner Builder

As a result of State Government Legislation, all spas are subject to building permits and must meet pool fencing requirements and suction requirements as detailed in:

  •        AS 1926.1-2012 Swimming pool safety – Safety barriers for swimming pools 
  •        AS 1926.3-2010 Swimming pool safety – Water recirculation systems

Fencing requirement information and / or permits can be obtained from your local council, by either applying directly with the council or submitting through a Building/Planning Surveyor/Consultant.

If the total of your spa/pool installation will be over $16,000 you may need to apply to be an Owner Builder or engage a registered builder. The Endless® Spa Company is not a registered builder and as such cannot install swim spas, plunge pools or spa pools.


Owner Builder

If Owner Builder is your preferred option, from September 1 2016 the following steps need to be undertaken prior to permit application:

  1. Download a copy of the VBA Owner Builder Information and Study Guide
  2. Complete an eLearning assessment
  3. Apply for a certificate of consent
  4. Obtain a White Card (Induction Training)

For detailed information and instructions on Owner Builder applications visit the VBA website –

It will take approximately 3 weeks to process an application for a certificate of consent if all required information is provided.

The certificate of consent must be provided to your building surveyor or local council in order to obtain a building permit.

White cards can be obtained by completing an Induction training course. Many online training companies allow you to complete them while you are at  home. They usually take 2-4 hours to complete. Prices vary between companies.

If you are engaging one builder to complete all the work you do not need to apply to be an Owner Builder.


Documents required to apply for a Permit

In order for you to obtain the required permits, you will need the following:

  1. A copy of the certificate of Title

You will need to supply a Copy of the Certificate of Title and any other relevant information including Copy of the plan of subdivision and any covenant, Section 173 agreement or other restriction placed on the title.

You can find the information regarding your title by logging onto government planning department in your state. For Victorian properties go to:

     2.  A site plan of your property showing (refer site plan example):

  1. a)    The allotment boundaries and dimensions as shown on the Title.
  2. b)    Location of the house and any other existing buildings (eg garages/ sheds)
  3. c)    Proposed location of the spa with dimensions, setbacks to boundaries and buildings.
  4. d)    The dimensions of the proposed pool and enclosure.
  5. e)    Label the spa as proposed and existing buildings as
  6. f)     Proposed location of pool fencing, including where gates are to be located (gates must swing outwards.) Also the type of pool fencing to be installed (ie:glass or bar type)
  7. g)    If boundaries are part of the barrier, please clarify height and side rails are on and type of fence.
  8. h)    Indicate where north is on the site plan
  9. i)      Easement locations and dimensions as shown on the Title.
  10. j)      Spas over the easement or within 1m of a sewer asset will require consents from the relevant authorities listed as rights to the easement on the plan of subdivision. Ie drainage easement is council, sewerage is water authority.
  11. k)    Street Name and number next to the front of the property

If you want to obtain a plan of your block for the sketch, you can obtain one by visiting the land channel map website