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Salt Water System

Greg Curwood

According to Greg Curwood, the best thing about owning an Endless salt water spa is “not being one of the poor sods that doesn’t own one.”
“It is an investment in lifestyle and I can’t imagine life without it now,” he says.

Owning a spa has always been a dream for Greg, to increase relaxation and enhance his lifestyle – and his research told him that a salt chlorinated spa was the way to go.

“We have an Endless Relaxer spa with a monster jet and salt water – it is minimum maintenance and maximum relaxation. I don’t do anything to it.”

Inground - I want that look

Tracey Macintosh

“Love our swim spa. Lots of family fun to be had this summer”


Leanne Braithwaite

“Becoming the proud owners of an Endless Spa, has changed my life dramatically. I have an 11 yr old with autism who is highly anxious and did not sleep more than 4 hours a night. Since installing the spa, my son’s anxiety has reduced considerably and he now sleeps at least 8 hours a night. It has also provided some lovely quality time for the whole family to enjoy. I would thoroughly recommend Endless Spas to anyone who was considering a spa. Fantastic and friendly family owned business who really know their stuff. I cannot thank you all enough.”


Brett Anderson

“The staff made it easy to buy the right product for my family. Even after purchasing they continued to answer any questions we had. It was great that delivery could be arranged to fit in with the timing of our renovations”


Sharyn Willis
“We are about to commence our backyard dream thanks to Endless. Couldn’t be happier. A very big thank you to the team. A special mention for Jacinta whose patience is Endless!!”


Greg Cooper

“Our spa purchase went seamlessly. Guidance was offered in the showroom, options were explained and delivery was organised to coordinate with our preferences. Importantly our new spa retains its heat and doesn’t need topping up after having been left for up to two months at our beach house. Very happy buyer.”

Customer Service

David Norman

“We would highly recommend Endless Spas to anyone considering purchasing a spa. The customer service is exceptional, and we have been absolutely thrilled with the spas we purchased. The after sales service has also been exceptional both from an advice point of view and when ordering chemicals. Extremely, professional, efficient and helpful.”



Brooke Hanson

For elite swimmer, Brooke Hanson, her Endless Swim Spa is a great way to exercise, relax and recover – integral elements for helping Brooke stay on top of her sport.

“I bought the Endless Swim Spa in 2003 to aid in the fast recovery and removal of lactic acid in my muscles, plus as an extra workout without leaving the comfort of my own home,” says Brooke. “The jets, especially the monster jet, help my muscles feel great. So my expectations have most definitely been met; I love my Swim Spa, it has given me all the benefits I wanted plus more.”


Jan Sharp

Endless Swim Spa owner, Jan Sharp, credits her in-ground spa with helping to increase fitness and aid in relaxation.

“My partner, Robert, and I both use the spa at least four nights per week. I spend time firstly swimming against the Badu jets which are an awesome form of exercise, then I have at least half an hour at the other end relaxing and unwinding in the spa, I am definitely more fit now that I have been swimming and find that I am exercising more often because I don’t have to go to a public pool to swim any more.”


Les Patterson

After suffering from insomnia for several years, Les Patterson’s doctor suggested he regularly relax in a spa before bed.

It was an idea supported by his wife, Marie, who was also after relief for neck and back pain.

Les, Marie and their two children approached Endless Spas for advice on the best spa for their needs – and subsequently purchased an eight-seater ‘Grande’ with salt chlorination.

While Les and Marie generally use their outdoor spa four to five times a week, in some weeks they use it every day.

Says Les: “Since we have been using our spa, I am getting a better night’s sleep than I have had in years and my wife says that the pain she was experiencing has lessened.”


Heather Gowans

Endless Spas client Heather Gowans and her husband were inspired to purchase an Endless spa after a relaxing weekend at a resort in Lake Tahoe, California.

With high hopes of reliving the experience at home, the couple purchased the Endless ‘Grande’ model and have been pleasantly surprised at the benefits offered by their spa – which the couple and their two daughters, aged six and three, use three to four times a week.

“I have wanted a spa for nearly 20 years and to finally have one to use whenever I like is pure bliss. It’s definitely the best purchase we’ve made to date,” says Heather.


Huge Range/Multiple Options

Shane Tresider

“The spa range is good. The employees also know their products well”