TidalFit Swimming Systems


Stay heart healthy with a regular exercise program. In water your body is weightless and doesn’t put weight on your joints like other cardio activities. This makes swimming an ideal way to exercise if you are recovering from an injury or have joints problems.

TidalFit models have their own unique swim jets system. The swimming jet systems offer the swimmer a  controlled current to increase swim intensity. Low intensity is perfect for the beginner swimmer. For the pro swimmer the current can be adjusted for high intensity to get the ultimate workout.


Dual Swim Jet SystemDual Jets

These two powerful jets are available on the Active Plus EP-12





Quad Swim Jet SystemQuad Swim Jets

The premium EP-14 and Pro EP-15 offer 4 adjustable swim jets for a powerful current.



Variable Current Swim SystemSwim Current

  • Standard on the PowerPlus EP-16
  • First Hydraulic TidalFit Propeller
  • 9 x More flowrate than Traditional Swim Spas
  • 3300GPM rated compared to the Dual Swim Jets System at 157GPM/each

* Required option on the EP-16



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